The Easiest Way To Celebrate Earth Day

Think of it this way, if your favorite shirt gets stained, you work to remove the stain. If your granny falls down and scrapes her knee, you help her up and give her a band-aid. If you to continue to enjoy the only planet you have to live on, you’ll do your part to keep it thriving.

I Resolve to Simply Be Better This New Year

What’s in a resolution? And why do we make them? Another year is over and another set of new year resolutions are quickly being contemplated. The only way we can successfully enter the new year is if we admit we will correct bad habits from the previous one. We scurry to form a list beforeContinue reading “I Resolve to Simply Be Better This New Year”

12+ Non-Vegan and Vegan Recipes On the Menu for Our First Plant-Based Christmas Dinner

By Jillian Lankford My family celebrated our first Thanksgiving as vegans last month. There were some ‘hits’ on the dinner table, and certainly some ‘misses’ we won’t be revisiting any time soon. The trickiest task however, was trying to reassure our non-vegan family members the holidays can taste just as good without a roast beast.Continue reading “12+ Non-Vegan and Vegan Recipes On the Menu for Our First Plant-Based Christmas Dinner”

Too Stressed to Give Thanks? Time to Refocus.

I’ve had a left eye twitch for the last week and a half. Could be a potassium deficiency. Could be stress or anxiety. More likely than not, it’s the latter. What is there not to stress about as the seasons change and the holidays approach for year two of the pandemic. What seasonal sickness isContinue reading “Too Stressed to Give Thanks? Time to Refocus.”

Questions I’ve Asked Since Going Vegan & Answers

Should the title read “going plant-based”? Probably. I haven’t gotten rid of my leather goods just yet and my purpose for switching it up has been health and environment based, see My Week As  Vegan Part: 1. Over the course of the last 6 months as 99.1% plant-based (the kids can not live without SimpleContinue reading “Questions I’ve Asked Since Going Vegan & Answers”

Trite Stereotypes Plaguing Community in Motherhood

Dedicated to the Pod Squad trite adjective (of a remark, opinion, or idea) overused and consequently of little import; lacking originality or freshness. I have been lucky to experience motherhood under the brim of many different hats. Sporting the ‘working mom’ fedora, the ‘stay at home mom’ baseball cap, the ‘depressed mom’ hood, the ‘happyContinue reading “Trite Stereotypes Plaguing Community in Motherhood”

My Week As A Vegan Part 2: The Physical and Mental

Typically when we think of vegans we think of slender, fit, nature loving, hippie type individuals. At least that’s what they have always been pictured as in the media. Now that veganism is becoming more popular you have celebrities like Lizzo and Beyoncé changing that description. There are even categories that classify what kind ofContinue reading “My Week As A Vegan Part 2: The Physical and Mental”

My Week As A Vegan Part 1 : The Why and The How

Usually when you tell your friends and family you are trying something new, something that will benefit your health and the environment, they cheer you on. When my husband and I told friends and family we were going vegan horns sprouted from our foreheads, our teeth turned black and our noses grew long. We turnedContinue reading “My Week As A Vegan Part 1 : The Why and The How”

“I Don’t See Color”. That’s Nice, Do You See Me?

It is a kind thing to say. There are typically no ill feelings coming from the speaker of these words. It means you do not define people by the color of their skin. Thank you, but please see me for who I am. Who I am can be conveyed in many ways. My character, myContinue reading ““I Don’t See Color”. That’s Nice, Do You See Me?”

How to Introduce Exercise into Your Parental Routine

Maintaining a household, littles, finances and a career can be more than enough to handle. Feeling unhappy with your health on top of it all can be upsetting. Whether you are a new mom, ex-avid runner, or have never exercised a day in your life, being a parent does not close the door on improvingContinue reading “How to Introduce Exercise into Your Parental Routine”