Resolving My Childhood Identity Issues 25 Years Later: Welcome Halfie

By Jillian Lankford “What are you?” The words that have haunted me since the 6th grade. I am privileged to have attended a culturally diverse public elementary school in Detroit called the Foreign Language Immersion Cultural Studies School, or F.L.I.C.S for short. The school was comprised of three foreign language programs, Spanish, French and Japanese.Continue reading “Resolving My Childhood Identity Issues 25 Years Later: Welcome Halfie”

The Pod Squad

By Jillian Lankford One thing that came out of becoming a stay at home mom I am enormously grateful for is my squad. I mean I have had a squad or squads. Friends and friend groups. There are groups of people that have been in my life for ages. People I can rely on andContinue reading “The Pod Squad”

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