Moms Who Exercise Together, Stay Sane Together

The savory perfection of a cheese to noodle ratio. The greasy, but not too greasy, crispy bites of a fried drumstick. Bread. Butter. The sweet seduction of cookies, candies and ice cream. Pure, intoxicating joy. Much like we seek solace in comfort food, exercising with other moms is a steadfast second to obtaining that sameContinue reading “Moms Who Exercise Together, Stay Sane Together”

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11 Ways I Survive Being a Stay at Home Mom

By Jillian Lankford You only have so much time so let’s get right to it. 1. Plan things to look forward to. Even if it is grocery shopping alone, plan it and look forward to it. Some of us do not have the luxury to call much else self care, so own it. Put yourContinue reading “11 Ways I Survive Being a Stay at Home Mom”